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He Played it Just for Me August 31, 2011

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Put it simply, I love music. If given a choice of going deaf or blind, I’d probably have to choose blindness, because though I do love reading and writing and watching sunsets and seeing the beauty of the natural world, a life without music is just harsh. Not to mention lonely.

Almost two years ago I moved out on my own in what used to be my grandpa’s house. It’s out in the country, surrounded by trees, one next door neighbor through the trees, and not 1 but 2 graveyards within easy walking distance. The nearest actual town is only 10 minutes away but that doesn’t even have a wal-mart. When people find out I live in that big house all by myself, they usually ask “don’t you get scared, staying there alone?” And honestly, I never have. My brain envisioned the Jeepers Creepers guy on my porch one night, but that was more creepy than scary. But I really think the reason for that is because it’s never quiet. One of the first things I do when I get up is turn on the music, and it’s one of the last things I turn off before bed. Now I have started recently to leave the music off more often, to listen to the quiet and absorb God’s peace, but comfort and even companionship is one of the major benefits of music.

Now before you start thinking I’m this crazy recluse building fantasy friendships with all these music artists and talking to people that aren’t really there, let me explain. All music, but especially those with Christian lyrics (because those are encouraging rather than just sympathetic), lets you know you’re not alone, that someone else is going through a similar problem. And if you happen to be listening to the radio, not a CD or iPod or whatever, you can also know that someone else is listening to that same song. They may not be pulling the same thing from the song (comfort, peace, correction, forgiveness, etc.), but it’s an awesome feeling to be connected to someone else.

God teaches me through songs, even the sometimes sillier songs (He uses them too, not just the ‘appropriate for church worship’ songs). He reassures me of His promises. Songs help me to connect His truths & teachings more strongly in my life, to read a passage of Scripture or listen to a sermon and have songs pop in my head. Songs stick to my mind like super glue. I may not always find the time to sit and read the Bible like I should, or pray like I should, but He can always get me through music. I love that feeling of just riding along to work or wherever and ‘this song’ comes on the radio, this all significant song that puts words to the feelings of your heart, and all of a sudden I’ve got tears running down my face (now I know why I didn’t have time for make-up this morning), and I know that song was written for me specifically, and if it wasn’t written just for me, it was played right then just for me.

There’s a new Christian artist, Jamie Grace. I found out her song “Hold Me” was released in February of this year, but I only recently paid attention to the song, and once I paid attention, I loved it. This led me to look her up and look into more songs by Jamie Grace.

I found “You Lead.” Please listen to the posted video. Close you eyes, let it speak to your soul. I’m pretty sure it’ll speak to more than just me. The waves of this world are constantly crashing against those of us who have made the decision to stand for Christ. You’ve just got to dig down deep, brace yourself, and follow your Guide.

<>< Anna


You can also read the lyrics at http://www.newreleasetuesday.com/lyricsdetail.php?lyrics_id=71486


What a Friend We Have in Jesus August 30, 2011

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As a friend, we sometimes put up with a lot. We put up with obnoxiousness, being forgotten because life got in the way, crazy busy schedules that interfere with American Idol night, moodiness, comforting of the difficult break-up with a jerk only to watch them take the loser back, being on the wrong end of countless silly pranks/jokes, and yet we remain friends.

But I have a confession to make. I have been a horrible, low down, no good, rotten, deceiving, selfish, traitorous, lying, cheating, back-talking, down-right bad friend. With my past history and my record of repeat offender, I’m unfit to be called a friend. I have no excuses for what I’ve done, there is no way to rationalize my choices. Plain & simple, I am a failure.

But there is good news coming, Jesus knew all of this before I was even conceived. Before my parents were conceived or their parents’ parents’ parents (and so on and so forth for all of history), He knew what I would do, and yet He still made that choice to die for me & my sins against Him.

I’m pretty sure if I treated any of my human friends the way I have treated my Savior, they would no longer be my friend, no longer be willing to except my apologies no matter the tears and sincerity that comes with them. They would in fact leave me to my own devices and not care down the road how I was doing.

Isn’t it awesome to know that Christ is not like that? No matter what we’ve done, if we come to Him with humble hearts, He will forgive us and welcome us back with praise and feasting. I love the story of the prodigal son, the son who asked for his share of the inheritance before his father had died. I can’t remember who explained it to me this way, but it’s always stuck. He basically told his father, “I wish you were dead.” Now that’s a tough insult. But what happened when the son realized his folly? Knowing he didn’t deserve to be accepted back into his father’s house, he hoped to at least be taken in as a lowly servant, knowing that even that was better than the way he was living alone. But that’s not what happened, his father (I always picture an old man, but there are never any ages listed in the story) ran to meet the son. He wasn’t busy in the fields, but was looking out waiting for his son to return, and when he spotted him, he didn’t just sit and wait for his son to make it to the house, he RAN to meet him.

That is God’s love for us, even when we turn off the path of righteousness, when we pursue self, He is there waiting for our return.

<>< Anna


Finding Contentment In My Singleness August 29, 2011

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I am a single, 24yr old female who loves to laugh, hang out with friends, & praise the Lord. No, I am not working on a Craigslist Singles ad. Just stating a fact. I’m sure there are a lot of other 24yr olds who are single. I even know quite a few other than myself, so I can at least acknowledge that I am not alone and how wonderful that knowledge is. To know that I’m not the only person in this boat is a huge assurance that there is still hope for me. Now if only there could be a semi-intelligent, halfway decent-looking, goofy guy, who will wash dishes and is Sold out for Christ, in this boat too. But then I wouldn’t be in this boat, would I?

A little bit more seriously, this boat of singleness has potential. There are things this boat does, places it can go that the boat of marriage & family cannot venture. In pirate-speak, Singleness is a sloop or maybe even Pinnace (a small agile boat that can whip about easily and navigate shallow waters), whereas Marriage & Family, and even Attached/In A Dating Relationship, is more like a galleon (huge boat, will run aground in the shallow waters, and is slow & wide on its turnabouts). Each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, once I transfer to that galleon, I can kiss those dreams of pillaging & hiding in the Outer Banks goodbye. I would become occupied with keeping my precious cargo safe through the storms of the Spanish Main and out of the hands of filthy pirates who seek to rob and destroy that cargo.

So I will now leave the Caribbean & speak without the analogies. There are things that we as single people can do that those with a spouse and/or kids cannot. We are free to go & come as we please, make last minute decisions without checking with the spouse (not that I’m trying to say when you’re married you have to ask permission for everything you do, but you’ve got to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts, etc.). You can go on trips (missions or vacations) or pick up and move across country without seeing if your other half wants to move. Without kids, we don’t have to find a sitter before we can help with the church fundraiser next Saturday or attend the home bible study.

God can & wants to use this freedom for His purpose and glory. Can He still use us when we’re married & have children? Yes, of course. But He uses us differently for that different time in our life, just as He will use us differently when we’re old and children have left the home.

Often we get caught up in the misery that we are single; we pine for that spouse God has chosen for us and day dream about when, where, & how we meet him/her. That’s not God’s intentions. Should we think about who that spouse will be? Yes, we should have a general idea, know what type of personality we’re best compatible with, know if we’re willing to deal with a workaholic or someone obsessed with mountain biking or drag racing (this is seriously something to think about). But we should not get caught up in these fantasies or possibilities that we forget why we, ourselves, were put on this world. To serve and glorify God.

Sometimes when I talk about this contentedness people think I’m this great confident woman who’s got it together. Those people don’t know me. My God’s got it all together; I know that. But me? Not at all. I pine & dream just as much, if not more, than anyone else in this boat. This contentment is something I have to constantly decide to pursue. It’s not just something I am; I have to decide to be content, and oftentimes I look a lot more content than I really feel.

Yet something tells me that if I continue to pursue contentment, it will eventually be a true reflection of myself, inside & out. And knowing me and my God, that will be the exact moment Mr. Right makes himself known.

Thank you for reading,

<><   Anna

P.S. Whenever you feel like you’re completely alone in life or that you’re any less of a person because you’re single, shake Satan off your back and open that prayer line with God. Don’t undermine our Savior and tell Him He’s not good enough to be your all & all.


I’ve Just Got to Tell About It August 28, 2011

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Every blog begins with huge hopes and dreams, goals it intends to accomplish. Yet many, especially the ones I have created, fall short of those promises. Often times life gets in the way & I forget I even have a blog, much less actually jot down a post and publish it. Honestly, I write a lot, but most stays hidden deep in storage on my computer or in handwritten journals never to be seen by the eyes of anyone other than me. I enjoy writing, but to actually sit down and write specifically or maybe not so specifically to other people, is hard. I’m not exactly sure what motivated me to give this blogging thing one more try, but I’m doing it anyway. Maybe someone will be inspired by my writing and hold me accountable to continue posting.

I am titling this blog: Just Got 2 Tell, and this is why.

A few years ago Matthew West came out with the song “Something to Say.” The basis of this is that we all have something to talk about. There is a message that God gave us that only we can tell ourselves, no one else can tell it for us. And that is our own personal story of what He has done in our lives and what He continues to do day by day. That is our story and we should always feel compelled to share it with anyone and everyone who will listen. And that is why this blog is titled Just Got 2 Tell.

My purpose for this blog is first and foremost to glorify & honor my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, as that should be our goal and purpose for Everything that we do. Secondly, it is to share with the world, or anyone willing to read, what it is I’ve been compelled to share. It may be an excerpt from fiction I’m writing, or maybe it is a short story I’ve finished. I may post a song/you tube video that spoke to me and my thoughts about it. I may post scripture, how it speaks to me, it’s importance in our lives today. It may resemble a journal entry, and just writing what’s going on in my life. But it will always strive to tell about God’s awesomeness.

My hope for this blog is that it would inspire, encourage, spur, maybe even shock those who read, but ultimately it is for those who read (no matter how few or how many) would be drawn closer to God and would seek to walk a life that honors and glorifies our Maker.

Will I fail? Will I stumble along the way? We are all imperfect creatures. And yes, I know I am guilty of daily shaming my Christ, but my prayer is that He will not abandon me (which I know He won’t) and that He will hold me accountable and reveal to me the things that are wrong in my life and how to fix them.

Blessings to all & I look forward to reading any comments.

<>< Anna