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Where Does Your Passion Lie? April 26, 2012

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One of the great things I love about being back in Roxboro, working and living, is being able to be a part of Tuesday Night Women’s Bible Study once again. It’s a huge blessing to be a part of a supportive community of like-minded Christian women of all stages in life. Though I’m younger than most, it’s a great opportunity for me to learn from the older ladies. Not that I consider any of them old.

Our current study is in Nehemiah, a man with the desire/passion to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, a passion that “he did well to have in his heart.” I was asked to think of my own passions. What am I passionate about?

The first answer would most obviously be children, though sometimes I am discouraged and do not always see how I am the best one for the job. I’m passionate about missions, or I have been in the past. The last few years, I’ve been more selfish, pulling away from church and serving opportunities for the reason of living out of town, but was mostly just being selfish and not wanting to give of my time. God is rekindling that passion, I have felt it recently and know I need to be more involved in serving Him.

Since high school, Guatemala has had a unique place in my heart, most specifically the children, the orphans, of the country. I do not know exactly why Guatemala. I took Spanish in high school & loved it which would have given me an interest in Hispanic countries, but I don’t know why Guatemala. This passion (though it has not always been a fierce desire) has remained over 7-8 years. I know that God has put those people on my heart for a reason.

Anyone who knew me 2nd semester senior year, knows that one of my passions is purity. Take a look in PHS 04-05 yearbook, and you will find my quote “Abstinence is SEXY.” Purity though is more than just waiting until marriage to have sex. It is about living a life that is wholly pleasing to God in the things that you do, listen to, watch, and the relationships you have. I had honestly wanted to write my senior research paper against high school dating, which has man flaws, but knew it would have been harder to find resources.

Yet one passion that took a while to realize is one that many people connect to me within my church, yet I didn’t initially consider my writing to be a passion. I love writing; I have stories rolling through my head way too often. My mom complains that I have so many stories started, yet so few have been completed. Yet it is something I do. It is something I enjoy. I honestly do it mostly for myself, helping me understand or explore a concept. But often God has used my writings to help others as well. I do not want to write fluff, just happy pieces, just entertainment. I want to write with meaning and purpose. Similar to how Jesus told His parables to help the people understand a more complex point, I want to write fiction to point to Christ Jesus.