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Hope, Faith, and Assurance July 22, 2012

Filed under: Christianity,Comfort,God,Jesus Christ,Love & Life,Saving Grace — Anna @ 12:51 PM

Death seems to be running rampant around me lately. There has just been so many to lose loved ones in my community. I haven’t felt a terribly great loss, most of them I have not known. But my heart goes out and my prayers go up for their families. Unfortunately there have also been two much closer. My grandma, coming from a large family, has lost a brother and a sister barely a month apart. Both were sooner than expected, but it wasn’t shock and surprise when it happened. I was not able to make it to my aunt’s funeral, but there was no keeping me away yesterday from Uncle Sonny’s. We may not have always seen eye to eye, and I may have gotten frustrated a time or two with his constant question "Got a boyfriend yet?" But I always got a smile and a hug from him and an encouraging compliment.

He and I attend(ed) the same church, thus I probably saw him a lot more than any of Granny’s other siblings. But the funeral was in the same sanctuary that I have seen so many other things happen; it’s a place that feels just as much like home as my parents’ house. The service was uplifting, encouraging, and comforting. It was also a time for those who may not regularly attend church to hear the gospel of Christ. I LOVE it when that happens. Never give up a chance to share Jesus with others.

But so there is no reason to mourn the loss because I KNOW where Uncle Sonny is. And that is something you cannot get anywhere else. The thoughts running through my head during the ceremony were praises to God that Sonny was with Him. I honestly do not understand why people follow other religions. There is only hope there, no assurance. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with an Islamic leader, I’ve studied other religions and even in their religion they do not know where they will go. They go through life hoping they will make it to heaven. They hope their good outweighs their bad. In some they must depend on friends and family to pray them into heaven after their death. There are still others that must have all wrongs forgiven by those on earth before they are allowed into heaven. Now while I know that the only true way into heaven is from Jesus Christ, how sad it must be going through life never sure of your eternal destination, only having hopes.

PRAISE GOD!! that we as Christians have ASSURANCE of where our eternity will be spent! With that assurance comes peace and comfort. We can live our lives without worry of the afterlife. Instead we can spend our days focused on the work which the Lord has called us to: serving Him by loving others.