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How Do We Show Our Hope? August 13, 2014

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So everyone and their mama are blogging about Robin Williams’ suicide. Why shouldn’t I? Honestly I was trying not to. I try so very hard to do my own thing, to not copy others, to stand out and not give any hint of blending in. But this topic has been heavy on my heart the last few days.

A friend of mine shared a couple of posts written by others on the topic of suicide. One in particular stuck out to me: “Staying Alive in a Suicidal World” written by Katelyn Beaty. At the beginning of the article it listed a number church pastors who had committed suicide in the last year or so.

I was floored.

Now I know and completely understand that those in higher ministry positions are not perfect and they have struggles just like the layman. There are the pressures of leading a church and a family, and then of course because you are working for God’s kingdom and His glory, doing His work, Satan is going to do everything in his power to stop you. But still, I would think, I would want to believe, that these men of God would be walking so close with God to know, understand, and truly believe that God has more for them.

Suicide should never be the answer when life turns sour. And no, don’t think that I have no business writing on this subject because I live a hunky-dory life. Depression is something that affects a lot of people no matter what background they come from.  My life has been touched in many ways by depression and suicide.

I do understand that depression affects many within the body of Christ, those who believe and follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Just because we are born again does not mean we no longer battle with our old self, but when we are born again as children of God, we are given new tools, equipment, weapons with which to battle depression and all other things that attempt to pull us back down and away from the fullness of life Jesus promises to us (John 10:10).

When we accept Christ as Savior, we are given the Holy Spirit to reside in us. This same Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead!  Talk about powerful. Why do we (myself included) so often struggle to walk and live in this power on a daily basis? 

Think of how our lives could change if we were to focus on the goodness of Christ, on His love and mercy, on His glory, on His presence with us, instead of how bad our circumstances may seem to be at the moment. Satan wouldn’t have a single foothold into those lives.

One more thing to think about:

We as believers are commanded to share the gospel (the Good News) with everyone. We want them to be saved, to come to know and love Jesus the way we do, right? But how can we expect others to see their need for Jesus, to want to follow Him and become a Christian, to believe He can change their life when Christians are so dissatisfied with their life in Christ that they grumble and complain about everything or even go so far as to commit suicide.

What witness are we giving?



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